Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rocket launch!

We had the most brilliant afternoon, launching one of our rockets for the first time! It seemed a fitting start to the school holidays and we invited some friends to join us.

Nick and Vaughan had prepared the rocket yesterday, assembling it and applying the decals.

We'd decided upon the airport as a suitable launching area - and Nick had checked the weather to ensure there was little wind.

As it was our first-ever rocket launch, we weren't sure what to expect but everyone was very impressed by the initial blast-off! 

The rocket went up much higher than anyone anticipated and we all craned our necks to watch it drift back down to the ground. 

Although it landed a little way into the scrub the rocket was easily retrieved, ready for the next launch.  Nick re-folded the parachute and repacked the rocket.  The second launch was another success, though we watched anxiously as the parachute stayed aloft for a lot longer.  We enjoyed three rocket launches over the space of half-an hour before heading home again, buzzing with excitement.

We have another three motors and another rocket to try.  It may be that we launch that one at the end of the holidays.  In the unlikely event we obtain additional motors, we could well have an extra launch as our Yowah holiday finale.


  1. What a blast !!!! Well someone had to say it !

  2. It was the best fun, Nammo! And Nick was singing "rocket man" for quite a while afterwards!