Saturday, 22 December 2018

Terrific testing ...

We tested Nick's wonderful work just before Christmas, during a week-long stay at Nambucca Heads.  Our site was adjacent the camp kitchen, so we cooked there rather than at our trailer but we definitely appreciated our sliding fridges!

It rained heavily on a number of occasions and inside the camper trailer remained dry.  (Our larger tent had some water on the floor but that may have come in via the open door).  We managed a lot of fun in spite of the rain - and Bandit was a very happy hound romping at the nearby dog beach each day!

Setting up camp was quite straight-forward and we were all super-impressed with how quickly we managed the pack-down!  Nissa joined us through the week and while she had experienced our earlier setups, this was her first experience of our current configuration - and she really liked how much more streamlined it was!

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Tap gun!

Nick further modified the trailer throughout November. 

He'd removed the gas bottle holders earlier in the year and we'd used a small box in their place for our Roma trip.  (Pics are here).

Installing the fridge slides into the trailer meant some storage was lost.  The small wooden box and jerrycan holders made way for a larger wooden box (which houses our camping chairs and one table). 

After much thought and quite a few trips to Bunnings, a flip-over bench prototype was hinged to the side of the box.  I didn't take photos of it during construction but you can see a bit of it in this collage (at right).

The previous owner had mounted a tap on one jerrycan holder, all of which had been removed to make way for the large box.  To compensate, Nick installed a replacement water hose with tap gun.  As you can see, it shoots very well!