Monday, 6 April 2009

"the Dubbo"

There was much excitement when Erin received confirmation that her week-long work experience application for Western Plains Zoo (Dubbo) had been accepted.  (She had previously enjoyed a week at Taronga in 2008).

Nick and I both juggled leave  and Nissa was given permission to come too, even though it was school time.   We had the most brilliant holiday, out at “the Dubbo” in Vaughan-speak!

Although we briefly considered camping for the trip, it was decided given our novice status (and other factors), we were be far more comfortable in self-contained accommodation – so we enjoyed a well-deserved/highly recommended splurge at Blizzardfield:- 

Erin thoroughly enjoyed her zoo time: feeding otters, cheetahs (and others),  weighing meerkats and making Easter “enrichment” eggs  for  various animals!  The rest of us thoroughly enjoyed playing tourist!

There is a slideshow of our adventures, though it may take a bit to load/play so you will need to be patient!