Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Undampened enthusiasm!

Playing the ever-popular "Menagerie"

It was a while after our return from "the Dubbo" before we managed a camping trip.  (Our time was taken up with house-hunting, moving and various associated missions - sadly).  Fortunately the October school holidays presented another camping opportunity, so we went back to the forest.  Although we had hoped to have a trailer for the trip we were unsuccessful on our eBay bidding, so traveled in two cars as usual. 

It rained on and off during our stay, mainly showers with some heavier stuff but spirits remained undampened and all enjoyed the time away.  There were a couple of small glitches but in the main tempers remained unfrayed.  Even better, Vaughan was unfazed by the drop loos and happily continued to wear big boy undies!  Hallelujah all round!

We didn't do much really - lots of activity centred around the fire either getting more firewood, cooking/eating or sitting around admiring our burning wood!  

As the tent awning was our only shelter, we headed inside and played games during the rainy periods.  I taught Vaughan to play "go fish" which was quite funny.  He was on a team with Nissa but hadn't got the concept of keeping his cards a secret and when he did, he hid under Nissa's jacket and would pass just his hand out so it was very much like playing with "Thing" from the Addams Family!

The wet weather highlighted a few more items for the camping wishlist - as did all the wood-chopping!  Along with a gazebo, a blockbuster/log-splitter was put on the agenda.  We made do using the tomohawk and a block of wood but on our last day Nick well and truly wedged the tomohawk into a particularly tough log - then broke a hammer trying to get it out again!

The log with wedged tomohawk returned home with us as a King Arthur style memorial to sit beside our "Fire King Chair" from a previous trip!