Monday, 2 October 2017

Wet wanderings ...

It was still wet when we woke and started thinking about breakfast. Our first choice was cereal but that was packed in the trailer, whereas bread and eggs were in the cabin so we opted for boiled eggs on toast instead!

There wasn't much to pack up and we were back on the road a bit after 10:00am.  As we looked at all the huge sheets of water along the way, we were very pleased we'd slept in a cabin!

The distance from St George to home is 470km - and it rained heavily most of the way.  We saw many soggy emus and roos but not much else, although we did make a quick detour to Thallon for a glimpse of their painted silos.

It was raining and cold at Thallon.  Bandit was not at all impressed to be called out for a compulsory walk!

We rolled into Goondiwindi for a late lunch, opting for some very good takeaway.  Given all the rain, we ate in the car but crossed into NSW to do so - just for fun!

The trip home was uneventful - lots of water, some wildlife and a few loo stops.

We stretched our legs at Milmerran (during a break in the rain), gave Mr Dog a walk - and admired the lovely bottle trees.

There was another stop at Toowoomba, to buy lunch items cos Vaughan would go back to school in the morning.  Elmer the Gold also had a morning appoint-ment, to be fitted with improved suspension - which would make him taller and more like his predecessor!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

St George stop-over

We delayed our original departure date so as to attend the Grand Final spit roast night. It was a lot of fun - even though we aren't football fans!

No one likes packing up and there had been a lot of rain overnight, which made conditions very soggy/more difficult.

Nick tarped the bed before folding up the camper trailer and we did our best with various other gear.

Suitcases rode on the roof-racks, contained within gear bags.  I didn't give a lot of thought to extra water-proofing and a library book arrived home sodden.  We replaced the book and will research upgrades to our roof-rack bags. 

Eventually we were ready to roll out.  I remembered to take a quick photo of Vaughan near Eulo, for the now/then archives.  (In 2010 his head was barely higher than the flood marker)!

We stopped for late lunch at Cunnamulla around 3:30pm.  It rained heavily the rest of the day.

We planned to free camp on the way home but the thought of setting up our wet gear in the rain didn't appeal - and it seemed Erin in her swag might float away during the night!

Given the long weekend and our desire for a pet-friendly cabin, I wasn't sure how successful we'd be.

We reached St George at 7:30pm.  Erin made some calls while we re-fueled at the 24-hour pump.

We just about cheered when we found a Bandit-friendly cabin at a tourist park around the corner!

It was great to be out of the car - and out of the rain. We were hugely relieved not to be camping in the amazingly wet conditions!

The cabin tariff was $100.00 and felt like the best $100.00 we've ever spent!

(Yowah to St George = 450km or almost half-way home).