Monday, 23 September 2013

Pipe Down!

We've been meaning to visit the Organ Pipes National Park for a while now. It's only about 30km from home and we've driven past a number of times - even made it into the driveway once but closing time was only a few minutes away, so we drove out again!

School holidays started at 2:30pm on Friday and happily Nick has a few days off also, so we roused ourselves yesterday for a short adventure.  We took a roundabout route to the park, enjoying the bright yellow fields of canola along the way.  All the recent rain has stimulated mass daisy flowerings also.  (We thought we had a lot at home, until we saw paddocks full of them - the sight was just amazing, we've never seen so many daisies)!

After parking the car, we headed off down the sealed track.  There was another picnic area at the bottom, so we may actually drive down to that on another occasion - when we are prepared enough to pack a picnic! 

There were many Superb Fairy Wrens flitting about beside the path and lots of small skinks scuttling in the leaf litter also.  The path adjacent the small river, leading to the various formations, was quite flat and an easy, pleasant walk.   There were many boxes in the trees, as housing for small bats and possums.  (Seemingly eight bat species have been recorded in the park).

We enjoyed seeing the few rock formations, then hiked back up the hill via a very steep track.  I took some photos along the way - as an excuse to catch my breath! 

Typically we read the information boards at the end, rather than the beginning of our walk - call us keen!  There are good explanations of the rock formations though as well as some history of the area.  I'm sure it won't be our only visit!