I started writing Happy Hamby Campers in November 2010. 

We had already enjoyed a number of camping adventures and I decided to include our plast exploits.

At that time I wasn't able to back-date the entries to any point earlier than the blog's inception, so although our major adventures have been documented the posts don't occur in the expected chronological order. I have provided some links on the "Highlights!" page but even so I find it difficult to locate particular entries at times, so I have decided to create a mini index (in case it may help readers also).

Update (January 2014) - I discovered I could back-date posts to a time before the start of the blog.  It was a slow process to re-order entries to sit roughly when they occurred (as opposed to when they were written, post-event).  I feel this index is still relevant though and the links work.

Given our generally non-powered and/or remote destinations, I keep a diary while away and write of our exploits after returning home - when computer and internet are available for photo-uploading and blog publishing.  That has been my practice till date but now that we have a laptop and Telstra mobile broadband Wi-Fi gadget, I should be able to update on-the-move (if time allows)!

Nambucca Heads/Kwiambal (January 2010)
Our first 11-day trip away from home with our new trailer.

Yowah (July 2010)
Our first Yowah trip!

Yowah (December 2010 - January 2011)
The story of our second/month-long Yowah adventure.  (109 posts)

Lightning Ridge (September 2011)
Our "lightning trip to the Ridge" is documented in September and October 2011.

Warrumbungles (August 2012)
Our week-long Warrumbungle wanderings are documented in August and September 2012.

Wagga Wagga (January 2014)
Our first trip with our upgraded tents and camp stretchers.

10 Weeks in Yowah! (Feb-May 2014)
What a wonderful adventure!

Innamincka (April 2014)
We left the trailer at Yowah and packed Elmer to the max!

Charleville (April 2014)
Another successful trailer-less camping trip (from Yowah).

Mortlake Olivine Fossicking (September 2014) Our first Victorian camping trip!

Caravanning! (November 2014)
We bought our van in October and made our maiden voyage at the end of the month!

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