Monday, 22 February 2010

Back to the Forest

Two "fire kings" - nose to nose!
We managed a second camping weekend in February, back to our usual spot in the Watagan Forest.  Nissa was able to join us and although it had rained heavily while Nick and Erin were setting up, the weather was fine for the remainder of our stay. I was collecting Nissa and Vaughan, shopping and gathering various items the advance party had forgotten; so we arrived later when all was pretty much done.  (No scheming involved)!

On Saturday, Nick came back from a firewood trip with a log partially hollowed by termites. He had already cut the log into sections and one looked as if it had a nose, so we commenced work on a fire sculpture. We had a lot of fun putting our "Fire King" together throughout the afternoon.

The decision to light our creation was made in the early evening but sadly Nick was over-tired from several night-shifts, wasn't thinking and poured petrol down the Fire King's middle as a lighting agent. I was watching, thinking (slowly) that isn't good – just as flame went everywhere! Much drama - all running and me yelling to "get down", cos it looked as if Nick's body/tummy was on fire.

It was quite scary and Erin was fairly traumatised, so the actual enjoyment of the lit Fire King was dampened initially.  Turns out he started brilliantly with just fire-lighters when all the excitement had calmed down - though he had lost his pubes in the initial firing! (The Fire King, I mean – not Nick)!

Nick’s injury made packing-up a lot more tricky and there were a few tense moments but we sorted through all that. Even with the hiccups, no-one was keen to come home though - and Nick was already plotting the next fire sculpture!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Lake St Clair

Lake St Clair - around 2 hours drive from home

We had been home a little over a week from our January camping trip and decided on another, shorter (weekend) adventure. The weather wasn't brilliant but had remained overcast only, until we stopped for firewood not far from home- and then it poured!  We drove up past Singleton and waved to the flying foxes as we passed their park, then testing our set-up speed against the incoming storm.  We did OK!

Although it rained on and off over the weekend, we enjoyed the time away.  There were many tiny frogs in the reeds along the lake's edge, so we spotted for them in the night-time - and we were visited by a very forward possum.  He/she tried to scale Erin's leg when she was eating dinner on our first night!  I'm sure the same one traipsed over our tent roof on another night.  I lay in bed and watched it's footprints sink into the roof!

Our three-height tables were particularly appreciated on this short trip.  The site was quite sloped, so we adjusted one set of legs shorter than the other and enjoyed a level work surface - brilliant!

Even with the rain, the campground was fairly busy due to a weekend fishing competition.  Although we were not competing, our new Kmart fishing rod broke in half at first cast, so definitely not a good start for our efforts!  I'm sure some of the experienced campaigners caught fish but Nick, Erin and Vaughan were not so lucky.