Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Water-proof ...

Several bouts of heavy rain during late November/early December definitely dampened our spirits - and also impacted on my motivation to keep the van in a state of readiness for quick departures.   

There didn't seem much point in setting up and making our bed, if it was going to get wet.  (We can see where the water collects and drops onto the foot of our bed but finding the actual water entry point and fully fixing the leak will take some time, effort - and money).

Unfortunately we don't have a covered area to shelter the van, hence we tried the bargain caravan cover.  I expect those with pristine caravans would appreciate keeping them dust and leaf-free.  Our van is not pristine though and so the non-waterproof cover seems a bit silly, as well as being a fiddle to use.

As it's only the bottom of our bed that gets wet, I bought this "garden tablecover" while Christmas shopping.  It was $8.00 from a "real" shop and I (optimistically) expected the plastic to be less flimsy.  The cover is currently on but even after one use there are splits in the seams, so I'm now looking at a cheap tarp cover to protect the bed and bedding until the leak is repaired - unless I think of a better solution!

Saturday, 6 December 2014


We've made some lovely finds at our local tip shop. Our wonderful caravan door was one of them - as was our second Cobb Cooker and my Mother's Day firepit!

On a recent visit, I spotted this caravan cover - it became ours in exchange for $10.00!  The hand-written tag notes it was used for one year and my Google research shows it was probably purchased new for around $130.00.  Yep, another much-appreciated bargain!

I wasn't actually looking for a caravan cover - and definitely wouldn't buy one for $130.00.  We've discovered a leak in the van though and I wondered whether a cover might provide some level of protection.  For $10.00 outlay, it was good to test my theory.  As it happens, the cover is weather-proof (not waterproof) only and probably not really appropriate in our situation.