Saturday, 6 December 2014


We've made some lovely finds at our local tip shop. Our wonderful caravan door was one of them - as was our second Cobb Cooker and my Mother's Day firepit!

On a recent visit, I spotted this caravan cover - it became ours in exchange for $10.00!  The hand-written tag notes it was used for one year and my Google research shows it was probably purchased new for around $130.00.  Yep, another much-appreciated bargain!

I wasn't actually looking for a caravan cover - and definitely wouldn't buy one for $130.00.  We've discovered a leak in the van though and I wondered whether a cover might provide some level of protection.  For $10.00 outlay, it was good to test my theory.  As it happens, the cover is weather-proof (not waterproof) only and probably not really appropriate in our situation. 

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