Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cobb Cooker: Damper

I made damper for lunch today, using one of our Cobb Cookers.  From past experience I knew the more basic the recipe, the better the result - so I googled till I found one that was super-simple

Actually I used the recipe as a rough guide, making a double quantity of dough with self-raising flour as I don't think I brought baking powder (and couldn't be bothered looking)!  I used milk powder in with the flour and added about 2 cups of water.  After about 30 minutes on the solid BBQ plate, Nick and I flipped  the damper over to cook for another half hour on the second side.

Nick, Erin and I enjoyed our damper with olive spread, vegemite and/or cheese.  Vaughan preferred to eat his with BBQ or Goat Chasers sauce!  (I bought the Goat Chasers sauce for Nick while we were at Wagga, cos it reminded me of our adventures chasing goats on the Bluff).  Strawberry jam was also a popular topping choice.

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