Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Best bread yet!

My breadmaker at home is the same model as Louie's - a $10 eBay purchase made not long after we returned home from our last trip.

I make bread often at home, using my breadmaker only to mix the dough. I've had far more success baking the end product in the oven. 

There is no oven here, so I've made several loaves entirely in the breadmaker.  The first one worked reasonably well, the next two mushroomed considerably (resulting in uncooked/doughy tops) but today's worked wonderfully!

Fresh bread arrives at Yowah twice a week - once from Quilpie and once from Cunnamulla.  There are limited wholemeal/wholegrain loaves, so presumably the locals prefer white bread.  I think $4.60 is the going rate for all varieties, so I'm going to persevere with Louie's breadmaker.  I may even try some cheese and bacon scrolls in the Cobb Cooker.

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