Saturday, 29 March 2014

More base walking ...

Nick and I enjoyed our walk around the base of the Bluff a couple of weeks ago

We had seen some small caves that day and intended to take Vaughan with us for a closer look.

Vaughan wasn't keen for a bushwalk today, so we took Erin instead.

Nick had been speaking to our neighbour who advised there were larger caves further around. We decided to look for them.

The rocky outcrops were beautiful and we enjoyed traipsing along - in spite of the many mozzie hitch-hikers, who assailed our legs!

We found a large overhang, which was obviously often used by the resident wild goats.  A gecko had left-behind his outgrown skin and we brought that home to show Vaughan.

There may be other caves, so we'll scout around further - another day!

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