Saturday, 8 March 2014

Handy shopping?!

We drove a little way out of Yowah in the hope of spotting the mail truck on its way into town.

It was a pleasant interlude - Vaughan caught small cicadas and chased various grasshoppers, I took photos and admired the green grass while Nick and Erin wandered about. 

After waiting twenty minutes of so, we drove back into town where the mail "truck" was already parked at the caravan park shop.

We're not quite sure how it got past without us seeing it!

When I was a kid the mail truck was a real truck - and the kids of Yowah would line up at the yellow general store keen for a ride around the town on the back.  While I didn't think that practice would still continue today, I was a bit surprised to realise during the intervening years the truck had shrunk to a silver dual cab covered ute!

It was a bit like Christmas inside the store. There was a stack of boxes with my name on them - or variations of my name! Erin got some mail too and we headed home with our bounty.  Pretty handy, eh?!

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