Thursday, 8 May 2014


We enjoy visiting the local ducks and geese and usually take some bread to feed them. 

In very recent times we read a notice outlining the various health issues experienced by waterfowl due to eating bread.

Angel wing was one of the syndromes listed - and some of these birds already suffer from that condition.  This afternoon we took some chook pellets with us.  The geese greeted us with their usual normal enthusiasm, though they were not at all enthused by the menu change.  When Vaughan offered a handful of pellets to one goose, it pecked his fingers instead!

The ducks were far more appreciative.  They snuffled through the grass in search of more pellets.  Typically the geese weren't happy about missing out, so chased off the ducks and then tried the new food.  It must have been good because the ducks didn't get much of a taste after that!

In looking for some angel wing information this evening, I found a recipe for gourmet duck food.  I think we'll just take some chookie pellets when we next visit but it's good to know there's a recipe if we are feeling super-keen!

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