Sunday, 4 May 2014

Conked-out kip

Elmer hadn't been keen to leave Yowah. He'd coughed a bit, even before we moved off and would miss a beat occasionally as we drove along.

After leaving Bourke, we travelled 160km down the road to Cobar - where we refuelled (though forget to check if our petrol cap was still there from ten weeks ago)!  It was cold so Erin, Vaughan and I tucked our sleeping bags around us and dozed as we drove along. We were half-way between Cobar and Hay when Nick decided to stop for the night.  As he was drove into a roadside rest area, Elmer's engine stopped - and wouldn't start again.

There was nothing we could do at that stage, so we made ourselves as comfortable as possible and slept till early morning. It was around 6:00am when we woke. Fortunately Elmer was happy to start and we headed off to Hay where we refuelled again, topped up Elmer's oil and water - and thought we were set for the day. There was even some talk of being home by lunchtime.

15km south of Hay, Elmer stopped again.  Oscar appreciated the break from travelling but Nick and I were a little concerned.  We made another 20km hop before Elmer conked out for the third time.  Like before he started again after a five-minute break.  Phone reception was minimal so we continued onward.

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