Saturday, 3 May 2014

Leaving ...

While Nick stowed away all our stuff I worked to restore the shack to the way it had been, prior to our arrival.  (I'd taken photos of the pantry shelves, which helped greatly but I could have used photos of some other areas also)! 

Erin vacuumed cleared space while I continued to shift our gear out - and quickly spring-clean the shack.

By midday, Nick had managed to stash everything into Elmer (and the trailer), which was an impressive effort.

I then deemed the shack to be in good order for Lui's return. Lui had visited earlier, unconcerned by our chaos. We knew he would be back a bit later in the day - and wanted everything to be ready for him.

After leaving the shack, we did a few final missions before heading out of town.

We didn't say all the farewells we wanted but it was time to go and so we went.

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