Monday, 5 May 2014

Deni dallying

After we shuffled our belongings to the cabin and settled the pets in their tent, Nick and I explored the caravan park facilities. (Erin was happy relaxing and Vaughan was enjoying a TV fix, given he'd mainly done without for the past ten weeks).

We had lunch and then went exploring. Back in February, en route to Yowah, we'd stopped for a quick breakfast at "Deni" but hadn't seen anything of the town otherwise.

Deniliquin has a population of around 8,000 - so is huge compared to Yowah and the surrounding towns! 

It was a short walk from our caravan park to the town.  We found a lovely park with well-trained, optimistic ducks who flew and/or swam to the bridge very quickly when they spotted us!  We had an enjoyable afternoon poking around the various shops before walking "home" again.

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