Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mothers Day!

I've had a lovely day and received lots of Mothers Day gifts, cards, calls and wishes.  We stayed home together and did some much-needed organisation at a laid-back pace.

Among my various gifts was this dump-shop find.  It's a fire-box on legs.  Well, that's how I describe it!  Obviously it's not glamorous but I saw it's potential when I first spotted it - and $10 was a bargain price!  Nick lit our first fire in it today, around lunchtime and stacked up the wood to create lots of coals.  By 3:00pm we were ready to start cooking.

What are we cooking?  We're hoping it will be something special.  It looked good on Nick's latest 4WD Action DVD.  Roothy made a marinade of honey, soy and marmalade.  He added some chilli powder also.  We aren't as heat tolerant, so scaled back the chilli but kept the other proportions the same - equal thirds. I marinaded a rolled pork shoulder roast in the mix while the coals were being generated. 

It smells great, so fingers crossed it will be a taste sensation - as cleaning the burnt marinade off the camp oven will be a mission!  

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