Sunday, 4 May 2014

Halted on Hay Plains!

Elmer limped along after breakfast. His condition was getting worse.

Previously he'd travelled 15-20km between rests - and he would start again after about five minutes.

His last tired hops were only a few hundred metres each and then he stopped completely. Fortunately by that time we had a little bit of mobile signal and were able to call roadside assistance.

Help was an hour away, so we amused ourselves while waiting. Nick and Vaughan engaged in a sword fight, before retrieving our kites from the trailer to take advantage of the strong wind and large open area.

Nissa rang just after we'd called RACV and heard of our new adventure, while we were having it!

Bruce, the NRMA serviceman, arrived with a car trailer to tow Elmer.  He took Erin, Vaughan and I with him into Deniliquin - and arranged our overnight accommodation en route. Once there, we quickly retrieved a few items from Elmer (including Oscar Cat and Keegan the rainbow lorikeet) before setting up "home" for the night.  (Nick stayed with the trailer and was collected with it about an hour or so later). 

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