Saturday, 3 May 2014

Plan B(ourke)

We re-fuelled at Cunnamulla and then headed out of town, toward Bourke. In all the rush of packing up, cleaning and leaving, we hadn't stopped for lunch but ate a series of snacks instead.

At some stage during the late afternoon I remembered the wonderful hamburgers we'd purchased from a Bourke café during a previous stop-over and suggested we dine there.  Upon arrival in Bourke, we were all disappointed to discover the hamburger café was closed - as was much of the town. 

Fortunately there was a Chinese restaurant at the Bowling Club and we enjoyed a great meal at a reasonable price.  We called ahead to Cobar after ordering.  There was no cabin accommodation available and we couldn't make contact with Kidman's Camp reception (at Bourke).  In the circumstances, we decided to drive on - and sleep in the car when necessary.

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