Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dinner's done!

Well, as you can see some of our dinner was overdone. Less coals, more foil and a greater level of supervision would have all helped!

I only have two sizes of camp oven though - very small and quite large, so we had to improvise.

Often we cook vegetables in with the meat but I wasn't keen to drop them in on the marinade. The vegies in the small camp oven were fine, it was the foiled packs that didn't fare so well. There were no real complaints and I actually liked the slightly charred, smoky corn!

The pork was very nice but there wasn't much flavour of the marinade through the meat and I'm not sure we'd bother again.  I reckon the netting got a lot of the benefit! Possibly we could do a basic rolled shoulder another time and serve it with some of my home-made chutneys, which would be just as tasty and far less messy!

Nick cleaned the camp oven of all the honey/soy/marmalade toffee last night and it came off a lot easier than expected - hooray!

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