Wednesday, 17 June 2020

More loo bags!

Given all the current (Covid-19) focus on hand washing, I was even more pleased than usual of having a loo bag (or two) in Elmer during our weekend trip! 

Although soap was supplied in the public loos I used while away, it's more usual that we need to BYO.

I've posted of my loo bags before.  These pics are of some others I made.  Nissa's (bottom left) was the prototype - pictured here with other items in her new car kit, including a rubbish bag. 

Di's colleagues liked hers so much that I made one specially to live at their ambulance station, for the paramedics to take on their traveling shifts (bottom right).

The pelican loo bag is a more recent creation and now lives in New Zealand with Kerry!  It's slightly larger because I've found it works better to house the toilet paper in a recycled plastic container.  The bags dry quickly if they are plonked on a wet patch at the hand basin.  The paper rolls don't fare so well!  I've used Staminade containers for my bags, which only just fit. I've also used slightly bigger, protein power, containers for more recent bags - and adjusted the sizing to accommodate the extra volume. 

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Lake Broadwater

I've seen the turn-off for Lake Broadwater on other trips, when detouring wasn't an option (due to time issues or because we were travelling with Bandit).  I'm glad we deviated this trip.  Even in the rain, it was a lovely spot.

There were a few soggy roos about and quite a lot of birds to entertain us.

We had thought we might dine at the "bottom pub" on our second night in Jandowae but opted to stay in, enjoy our splendid cheese platter - and play Super Scrabble!

We chose a picnic table near the water and set up to boil the kettle.  (Nick's good work on the stove the previous day meant it worked wonderfully, which was great).

I set out the leftover cheese platter goodies, so we had quite a flash picnic.  The crows were very keen to share our supplies.  One in particular was a pate fan - he/she was not at all impressed when offered sundried tomato as an alternative! Nick had left the tailgate down and needed to shut that again - cos two crows were on a mission to get in the back and rummage through our stuff! 

Soggy Sunday ...

It was a smooth pack-up on Sunday morning, albeit a damp one. We left a little after 10:00am, so as to have a last, quick look around town before starting the drive home.  I took a few pics (in the light rain).

The pink building is the Club Hotel (or "top pub").  It was the first two-storey construction in the town, though no longer seems to be in operation.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Bell beauty ...

We found ourselves at Bell later in the afternoon.  I used the public toilet in the park and spotted a sign inviting visitors to view the church murals. 

As beautiful as the murals were inside the building I was quite taken with some of the other details, particularly the pressed metal ceiling and the bell design on the front step treads.

The church, grounds and gardens were obviously very well cared for, which was lovely to see.  We had a quick stroll around The Biblical Garden next door.  There were some interesting plants but we didn't actually realise the full significance of the garden till we were driving out of town and saw the sign stating many of the plants were from biblical times.  There's a great article about the garden, here

Dingo Fence Drive

We hadn't planned to do much while at Jandowae but did want to revisit the Dingo Fence Drive, so traveled in Elmer Fudd rather than our small, red car.

On the way out of town we pulled over to check some signs I'd seen the previous day.  They were not large enough to read as we drove past, so it was good to see one up close and view the grass around it.

As previously, we stopped to read the information board at the start of the track.  I think we might have been just as taken with the tenacity of a prickly pear growing in the upper branches of a dead tree, too!

We made our way to the Boiling Springs Lookout and set up our chairs and picnic table to enjoy a cuppa and some late morning tea.

Nick had packed two small stoves as one was being finicky.  He was able to do some minor repairs to it though, which was great work.

We sat for quite a while, listening to the wind in the grass and nearby trees.  It was a very pleasant interlude. 

A group of apostle birds visited briefly - and we caught a quick glimpse of a mistletoe bird.

Friday, 12 June 2020

Athlone Cottage

We had a late lunch on the verandah of our cabin and then drove the short distance into town to explore a bit.

There was much excitement when we spotted a huge lot of whistling ducks on a little dam just on the edge of town!  That sight required a couple of u-turns to enable photos and footage to be taken.  No doubt the locals thought us crazy!

We'd seen a little of Jandowae on a previous trip, when we'd stayed at Dalby - but had been very focussed on the huge bottle trees, rather than much else of the township.

Nick and I had a bit of a wander around the outside of Athlone Cottage.  The charcoal fridge on the verandah was interesting as were some of the out-buildings.  (The cottage is open for viewing at times but not during our visit).

We then strolled down the street for another smooch with the bottle trees - and to revisit the dingo sculpture.

Both the "middle" and "bottom" pubs offered meals both nights of our stay.  Due to Covid-19  restrictions, we made a booking at the Exchange Hotel for later in the evening and enjoyed dining out.

During our walk-around we realised we'd been saying Jandowae to rhyme with "the place to stay" rather than "the place to be" as was on the welcome sign.  We tried very hard to correct ourselves from that point on!

Jandowae - the place to be!

We were up early to finish packing and organise Vaughan for school.  Even so, we didn't expect to depart the driveway before 9:00am - so were quite chuffed to be on the road at 8:30am!

As is usual with road trips, we filled Elmer's tanks close to home.  (Nick had done various checks and topped up oil etc as necessary).

It was a lovely day to be travelling, with clear skies and pretty clouds.  We didn't stop along the way, just chatted and enjoyed being on an adventure!

When booking our Jandowae cabin, our hostess confirmed check-in was any time after ten.  We arrived later in the morning and then talked for ages before unpacking.

I'd created our mini-bar/goodies hamper before we left home, using a basket that had been gifted to us at our wedding (over 14 years ago)!  We didn't end up eating/drinking all the provisions but I did like how everything looked on the kitchen bench!  Coffee, lots of tea, my baby teapot and some breakfast supplies were housed in a different small container.

Glad to Get Away!

We've done some daytrips since last September and we had an over-night backyard stay in our camper trailer - but mostly we stayed at home.  Covid-19 has obviously impacted in recent months but sometimes it's just tricky to organise time away.

Our Young Master is now a teenager and prefers not to venture too far from his room.  (The extended stint of caravan living also scarred him somewhat)!  Erin suffers motion sickness, even on shorter drives - so she offered to hold the fort at home, to give Nick and I a chance for a short break.  Given restrictions in Queensland had only just eased to allow unlimited interstate travel, our first choice of beach-side accommodation didn't work out.  Instead we opted for a budget cabin further inland.  There were a few other guests but we felt as if we had the place to ourselves - and really appreciated the quiet.

We booked a two-night stay and I was finally able to us my rejuvenated carry-all!  (I still haven't attempted to restore the tarnished metal clasps but my efforts to remove the musty smell paid off.  I found a large lavender sachet my mum made and that now lives in the bag).  Di gifted me the smaller, hand-crafted bag for Mothers Day and I used that for some other bits.  I really like how they look together and am seriously considering re-lining the leather one with similar happy yellow fabric to make them even more of a pair.