Sunday, 14 June 2020

Lake Broadwater

I've seen the turn-off for Lake Broadwater on other trips, when detouring wasn't an option (due to time issues or because we were travelling with Bandit).  I'm glad we deviated this trip.  Even in the rain, it was a lovely spot.

There were a few soggy roos about and quite a lot of birds to entertain us.

We had thought we might dine at the "bottom pub" on our second night in Jandowae but opted to stay in, enjoy our splendid cheese platter - and play Super Scrabble!

We chose a picnic table near the water and set up to boil the kettle.  (Nick's good work on the stove the previous day meant it worked wonderfully, which was great).

I set out the leftover cheese platter goodies, so we had quite a flash picnic.  The crows were very keen to share our supplies.  One in particular was a pate fan - he/she was not at all impressed when offered sundried tomato as an alternative! Nick had left the tailgate down and needed to shut that again - cos two crows were on a mission to get in the back and rummage through our stuff! 

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