Monday, 13 July 2015

A fitting end!

Our first camping trip was in October 2008, when we hired a camper trailer and spent a week in the Watagan Forest.

After one firewood foray, Nick brought a log back to camp.  It was trimmed to have a backrest and soon was dubbed the "Fire King chair" - a favoured seat by the fire!

When it came time to pack up at the end of our stay, Erin was determined that the Fire King chair come with us.

She and Nick tried a few options and expended lots of effort to manoeuvre the log into our car for the trip home!

Call us sentimental but we've carted the Fire King chair with us throughout our many house moves.

Yep, it even followed us South to Victoria in March 2013 (after languishing in a storage unit since December 2012)!

The Fire King chair is set to become firewood this week.  It seems a fitting end - yes?!