Monday, 5 May 2014

Awesome $154 news!

The Toyota service manager, Andrew, rang while we were out. He'd asked about Elmer's after market immobiliser system.  Nick and I answered as best we could. 

Andrew confirmed Nick's thought regarding Elmer's problem but at that stage the solution was still not clear.

We were only back at the cabin a few minutes when we received another call from Andrew.  Elmer was fixed and ready to be collected!  Even better the repair was only $154!   Understandably, there was huge relief all round!

Nick and I walked across to the NRMA depot.  Andrew greeted us. He handed over a small part - a fusible link - which was the cause of Elmer's problems. The link is designed to short if there is a wiring issue.  Elmer's hadn't fused but the connection wire had worn through and that had shut-down everything. 

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