Sunday, 25 May 2014

Misty Mountain Munching!

Since returning home from Yowah, Vaughan's been asking about the mountains we can see on our way to and from school.

We packed a sausage sizzle picnic today and headed up "into the sky" for a late lunch.  Wow! 

Nick and I have previously visited the memorial cross at Mount Macedon on a fine day but everything was a bit more magical today.

We (mostly) enjoy al fresco dining in all kinds of weather, throughout the year - but this was our first misty picnic!

After lunch we walked a short distance to the cross, doing a geocache along the way.

It was a puzzle cache so we had to decode the co-ordinates, which prompted us to read more of the signage about the history of the cross and reserve.

We solved the co-ordinates for another cache but decided against looking for it, given the mist was even thicker further down the mountain where we needed to look! Everyone was starting to feel cold by that stage anyway, so it was a good time to head home.


  1. Vastly different weather to your al fresco breakfast! Looks lovely though.

  2. This is how it looked when we visited in May last year (and it was quite lovely) - today was fairly clear, only started to rain when we were ready to come home!