Saturday, 22 March 2014

Scored a frog!

It got a bit busy not far past Lake Bindegolly. Nick spotted a bearded dragon and was turning back for it.

As he was making the U-turn, I saw another bearded dragon on my side of the road. Vaughan was keen to catch that one, so Erin tried for the first.

She's looking good in these photos. Things went awry soon after. The lizard puffed up, turned around, gaped it's mouth - and then ran at Erin, who freaked!

Lizard - one. Erin - nil.

Of course, I was too busy laughing to take photos!

However, all was not lost. While running after the lizard, Erin saw this (as yet unidentified) small frog and was very happy to catch him/her instead!

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