Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bluff dining ...

I prepared our dinner in a thermal cooker late this afternoon. When Nick returned from digging, we packed up a table, chairs, picnic basket and thermal cooker - so as to dine on the Bluff in the twilight.

There was a strong breeze to dissuade most of the flies, though a few stuck around. As the light faded they disappeared and we had some uninterrupted time before the night-time bugs arrived. Bugs aside, it was a pleasant interlude and I expect we'll enjoy more al fresco dining on the Bluff over coming weeks.

Erin and Vaughan had a quick look around for scorpions and other creatures, using a black-light and small torch.

Scorpions glow in black-light but there were none found tonight. 

We headed home, surprising a roo along the way.

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