Saturday, 22 March 2014

After-dinner entertainment ...

We travelled out to Thargomindah in Elmer Fudd, leaving our trailer behind (to conserve fuel).

Due to our much reduced packing, we brought only one tent, one fridge, beds/bedding, a few basic clothes and toiletries. 

We chose not to bring our chairs, nor the cooking stove and associated gear - so were very appreciative of the screened camp kitchen for food preparation and (mostly) bug-free dining. The FoodWorks had cabbage, so I'd planned to serve coleslaw with our BBQed meat. Given our reduced kit, I had to improvise when making/serving our coleslaw. Fortunately we had packed several bug-boxes for Vaughan, so washed one very thoroughly and used that!  (It was one from an op-shop and probably intended as a salad container anyway)!

The camp kitchen was also equipped with a television but we left it turned off, in keeping with our TV-free holiday.

Vaughan was happy catching geckos while we cleared away dinner.

He first brought back a small one and then later returned with a much larger and stronger catch, which was writhing in his hand while biting hard.  Nick took hold of the "death-rolling" gecko and then placed it on a table to calm down.  We later all held it gently, marvelling at it's strength and velvety soft skin. 

This fellow was the same as those on Louie's shack.  We've been calling them Marbled Velvet Geckos but are now a little unsure.  The skin pattern more closely resembles a different velvet gecko but their distribution area does not include Yowah or Thargomindah. 

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