Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Diggings!

Nick digs most days, heading out around 6am to spend a few hours working in the cooler part of the morning - and sometimes returning later in the day also. 

He's mainly been excavating the hole from last week, some parts of which had been previously dug and then filled. 

Nick shifted around 80 buckets of dirt today.  I went over with him in the late afternoon, to admire his earthworks and document progress.  While he was digging, I sat in Elmer's shade and updated my journal.  There were many birds about and it was pleasant to sit quietly, enjoying the peace.


  1. Nick could dig a pool. The man is a machine!!!

  2. He did good work on both previous trips too, Nammo - and each hole was transformed into a pool just before we left!