Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lounging lizard ...

I've been doing my back stretches diligently for more than a month now. 

Of course, I'm quite chuffed with my efforts (and all my gold stars)! 

Just prior to leaving home, the millipede season had started - so I always checked the floor thoroughly before laying down.  I used camping mats beside the tent at Cobar, where there were many ants.  Yowah has even more creepy-crawlies but I've done my exercises regardless - though there was much laughter one night when I needed to investigate something in my pants (while still stretched along my roller)!

Each time I do my exercises, I stare up at this hole in the foam insulation panels.  It looked different this afternoon, so I called for Erin and Vaughan to investigate.  They confirmed the pervert was one of our resident tree skinks and not a legless intruder (as had been my first thought).  Whew! 

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