Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bumping along Blackgate ...

We were up early on Saturday morning, ready for departure a little after 8:00am - so we collected our few letters and then set out along Blackgate Road.

Rather than follow the golf course diversion, we started at the original gate but soon joined the new road.

We've never seen any other car along the road, so it was novel to spot another vehicle just ahead of us!

They were in a hurry though and we were not, which was just as well given a few rough patches.

Even at our much slower pace, Nick took dip a bit too quickly. We were all bumped about and Keegan (Erin's rainbow lorikeet) fell off his perch! Erin and Vaughan were laughing because after that incident Keegan held onto the cage with his beak for extra grip!

It is possible to drive from Yowah to Thargomindah on sealed roads but the journey is around 100km longer.  (It is actually 116km from the junction of Blackgate Road to Cunnamulla, so about 49km to Eulo). 

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