Friday, 28 March 2014

Tee for two?!

Prior to being tempted by lizards and water crossings, our plan for the morning had been to speck for opal along Blackgate Road. (It's particularly good to look for opal in bright sunshine, after rain).

Blackgate Road now runs through the grounds of Yowah Golf Club.  (The road course was changed, so it could be gazetted).  We stopped for a quick look.  The Clubhouse had declined since our last visit.  Seemingly there are currently only two members and there has been some talk of closing the club - and reclaiming the course for opal mining!

The course adjoins the mining area, which Blackgate Road originally ran through.

I liked the ingenuity of what I assume was the original toilet building - a converted water tank! There was no closing door, just a view out to the scrub!

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