Thursday, 13 March 2014

More out-the-back views ...

Louie's property has two access gates.  The front road is Matrix Drive.  We can also drive over the bore drain and along a dirt track to reach Harlequin Drive (the main road into/out of town).

The bore drain is home to many super-fast small fish. Vaughan catches them by setting "traps". They are so zippy that I see their movement more often than I see the actual fish! Vaughan has also found frogs in water, including one of these fellows.

I sat by the bore drain the other morning, just watching lots of large and small dragonflies flitting over the water.  I was hoping to take photos of the many rainbow bee-eaters that visit regularly but they were a bit far away.  The usual emu trio wandered along though, so I took some shots of them instead.

Clockwise from top left - our home away from home viewed from the back access road, looking down the bore-drain to our neighbour Fred's house (aka The Miners Hut), signage on Harlequin Drive, one of our local dragonflies, two of the regular emu visitors.

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