Sunday, 16 March 2014

To the dump, to the dump ...

You know how it goes. And I expect you can imagine Nick singing the song as we went along?!

Yowah's general rubbish goes into a dump just out of town, along the road to the bluff.

We've made a few trips to the dump. When we went this morning there was a barricade across the access point to the dumping area. We drove a little further and there was another, newly opened, huge rubbish pit.  I expect it will be a long time before a further pit is required.

When we last visited Yowah, there were only a few car bodies at the tip. This time there are many more - as well as a lot of other hard rubbish.

We had heard that there was a directive for the town to clean-up. Obviously many houses have cleared their yards of old cars and similar material.

As we drive around though, we have noticed that some houses still have plenty of debris.  The dump would certainly be quite a lot fuller if they off-loaded their stash!

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