Friday, 14 March 2014


While looking inside the old shed-shack we spotted a floor fan. It was covered in dust but once plugged in, still worked. Erin was given the mission of cleaning it for use in the sleeping area that she and Vaughan share.

As you can see, she is a fan of the fan!

Louie's shack has three doors. One on the short end of the shack (facing the garden) and two others, directly opposite each other on the longer side walls of the building.

On our last visit both those entrances had solid and mesh doors. The cement floor has been redone since then and on arrival this trip only the front/main door still had both mesh and solid doors fitted. Nick spotted the mesh door the other day but we assumed it no longer fit due to the changed floor level. Fortunately Nick tried the door in the frame this morning - and it does still fit.

Nick swapped the solid metal door over for the screen version and we've all enjoyed the breeze tonight. Of course, the change means we won't be able to use the air-conditioner but realistically it's only been on a couple of times anyway.

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