Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!

We had a little bit of green silliness this evening. I found instructions during the day for making party hats from paper plates.

When Vaughan came home from school (and finished frog-catching) he helped paint our shamrock headgear.

Vaughan also helped make Irish soda bread.  We put that on one of the Cobb Cookers while I prepared the rest of our meal.

Erin and Vaughan made leprechaun drink and we had a few tiny shamrocks scattered over the table.

We happened to have chocolate coins, so dessert was very much in theme.  Our soda bread was tasted afterward - when it was finally ready!

Why is Erin giggling?  At various unexpected points, Nick toasted us with heavy Irish accent and loud "Leprechaun" cackling!

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