Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Yo, Gert!

I didn't remember everything but I'm glad I remembered my yoghurt maker - and packed six bags of powdered milk (as well as yoghurt starter).

We've enjoyed one kilo of yoghurt already - with muesli, dolloped on corn fritters with sweet chilli sauce and spread thinly on wraps as a sour cream alternative. I use minimal sugar normally but have another completely unsweetened batch on the go now. I'll strain it overnight to make labna

At home I buy powdered milk from Aldi for around $5.70 a bag. The cost here for a similar bag is twice as much. I haven't checked the cost of yoghurt as I usually make my own however we paid $12 for a block of (generic-brand) cheddar cheese this week.  At the moment, cheddar is beyond my DIY efforts but we are using powdered milk in an effort to stretch the grocery budget as much as possible!

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