Sunday, 23 March 2014

Laid-back leaving ...

We'd gone to bed a lot earlier than usual, to avoid the many mozzies!  Once Nick had zipped the mesh doors and sprayed insect repellent, we all stayed inside. 

I still needed to do my back stretches but wasn't prepared to do them outside with all the biters.  Although I was tempted to skip a night, I was very diligent and utilised the small patch of floor space between the beds and central tent pole.  One more gold star for the tally!

We showered in the morning, after a bit of a sleep-in - ate an unhurried breakfast (with real milk!) and took our time packing up.  Vaughan is catching a tiny frog from beneath the trees and we needed to relocate a gecko from the tent also.  Even with our laid-back departure, we were still heading out the gate a little after 10:00am, which is the usual check-out time for most parks.

On the way out, we called into the office and had a lovely, long chat with Ide - one of the park managers.  We spoke of our various wildlife finds and in talking learned of another Spotted Bowerbird bower in the front yard of one of the town's houses.

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