Thursday, 6 March 2014

Green grass of "home"!

Louie has made some modifications since our last visit. 

Although the evaporative cooler remains, it has been unplugged and two split-system air-conditioners have been installed.  The pot-belly stove has been removed (and is sitting under the verandah of the old shack).  There used to be an opening in the dividing wall between the two sleeping areas, to allow for heat transfer from the stove, but that has now been made solid.

The walls of the main sleeping area are now lined - most of the way!  It looks good, although the timber framework was handy for holding small bits. You can see the smaller air-conditioner in the pic at right.  Louie has left instructions to say that it isn't necessary to use this unit as the whole house is cooled by the larger air-conditioner in the lounge area.  We've only used the air-conditioner once at this stage, preferring the breeze created by the ceiling fan. 

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