Monday, 24 March 2014

Water-container frog!

We were listening to our usual story this evening when Nick started laughing.

The story was fairly serious at that point and we all wondered what was so funny.  Nick turned our 10-litre water container around.  It took a few seconds to realise there was a frog inside!

By way of explanation, we've been using rain-water for drinking. Rather than go out to the tank each time we need water we've been refilling the water container, which then sits on the kitchen bench. The system has worked wonderfully, without any incidents - till now!

Erin and Vaughan found a frog in the tank-tap one day but it hasn't been seen since.  We can't be sure but assume this is the same individual, now removed from the container and relocated outside to the other side of the house (away from the water tank)!

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