Saturday, 22 March 2014

A few words from Erin: Ticks for crosses?!

I don't usually catch lizards. Dad saw one and Vaughan was chasing another one, so I thought I would have a go (after encouragement from Mum).

I was sneaking up on the bearded dragon while pondering the best method to catch it - and got quite a fright when it turned around and ran at me and then off into the cover of the trees.  I was in (careful ) pursuit of it, due to a plant-allergy, but was side-tracked by a frog, which I was much more comfortable catching. After having a look and showing my family, I was releasing the frog when there was much excitement.

There on the ground in front of me was a real, live crucifix frog hopping about!

It was much like a brightly coloured ten-cent piece jumping around.

After I worked out what it was I called to Mum. I was too excited to form coherent sentences but managed to get across that there was something very special. The crucifix frogs have many different names but generally are called the crucifix toad or crucifix frog. Their colouring isn't used for camouflage, instead they use their bright colours and markings to warn away predators.

This frog is my favourite and I spend a lot of time looking at their exhibit at Melbourne Zoo but nothing compares with the wonder of getting to see them out and about in the wild. I feel privileged to have seen them so close, in their natural habitat.

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