Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Frog pond!

Yesterday Vaughan was telling me about all tadpoles in a little waterhole behind Louie's house. 

When Nick and I drove past today there were two birds standing at the water's edge.  I'm sure they were the same variety as we saw nesting on the road at Lake Bindegolly, that is the black-fronted dotterel.  After collecting Vaughan from school we stopped by the waterhole.  There were many tadpoles and as we stood quietly, adult frogs floated to the surface.  We didn't stay long, the sun was hot and I didn't have sunscreen or my long-sleeved shirt.  As we sat in the car, seven frogs bobbed to the top of the water!  Of course, I didn't have my camera to take their photo!

Much later in the afternoon, I walked back to the waterhole.  The birds weren't about but I did see quite a few frogs.  They bobbed down very quickly when they spotted me with my camera!

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