Saturday, 29 March 2014

Lotsa legs ...

There are so many different bugs and critters here - huge numbers of many different varieties. 

It is really amazing to see them all!

I don't have a spider book but probably should get one to add to my reference library

The striped-leg fellow on the left (sitting on the lid of the washing machine) is a similar shape to the huntsman spiders we see at home - though this guy/girl is prettier, I think.

I spotted the yellow-ish spider while walking around the Bluff today.  He/she actually looked silver in the daylight, moving quickly and often posing in a head-down position.  He/she obviously wasn't overly keen to be photographed!

We saw the third spider last night while out spotlighting.  I think it was last year that we did a night geocache in a Central Coast forest.  As we walked along by torchlight, it looked as if someone had scattered tiny blue sapphires along in front of us.  On closer inspection, the blue jewels were spider eye-shine!  Last night our big torch caught tiny orange-yellow eye-shine, which led us to a different kind of spider.  As we watched he/she caught a small moth!