Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bunyip ...

Vaughan had been hosing himself down for a few minutes before I thought to grab the camera.  I took a few shots, then spent ten minutes or more blasting thickly-caked mud from his shorts and shirt!

There was so much of it - amazing!  He decided to have a shower after his hose-down. I'm happy to report he now looks like a boy again, not like a billabong bunyip!  The waterhole is drying up and Vaughan is talking about looking for frogs in a different location.  I'm not sure if that means he'll be more or less muddy tomorrow.

Nick came home for lunch yesterday and I asked if he felt ill because he looked quite yellow. His normal colour was restored after a shower - when much yellow dust was washed away. (There are different coloured layers beneath Yowah's red dirt, which become obvious in the fossicking and mining areas).

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