Saturday, 22 March 2014


We'd decided to go swimming after lunch, at the 25m town pool. We were a bit early (or the lifeguard was a bit late) so we drove down to Pelican Point, to look at the Bulloo River.

It was a very pretty spot even though the pelicans weren't around.

I really liked the tree with it's massive root system exposed and Vaughan was happy floating sticks down the causeway.

There was a shaded picnic table and a wood-fired BBQ.  I expect it would be a popular spot at times, though we were the only people about today.

One of the other caravan park guests had put in some yabby nets earlier, hoping to catch lunch.  Seemingly only one yabby ventured to be caught, so he/she was returned to the river!


  1. Vastly different soil colours to Yowah Rebecca. Great shots!

  2. Thanks, Nammo! Was a lovely spot by the river. The town dirt was probably a bit redder but not as deeply coloured as Yowah. Thargomindah is about 80km west though, so I would expect more colour not less!