Monday, 10 March 2014

Base walking ...

Nick and I walked around the bluff base this morning.

There was no trail as such but we picked our way - and sometimes followed the goat tracks also.

The ground was very rocky and we needed to watch our footing.  I wore boots and jeans to protect against the vegetation, as well as my usual hat and long-sleeved shirt to prevent sunburn.  It was a hot day but thankfully there was a pleasant breeze to make my layers bearable!

We've spent a lot of time on the bluff but this was our first time walking around the base. There were variations in the ground/rocks as we walked along, which was interesting.

We could hear small cicadas singing in the trees but I only saw one - and it flew off when it saw me!

There were several varieties of wild flowers and flowering shrubs. I've been working on identifying them.

We walked about a quarter of the way around before heading up the hill face.

The goats obviously sit in the shelter of the rocky outcrops often.  We took a rest there also, enjoying the cool and looking out over the distance - before doing some rock scrambling onto the plateau.  I'm not very good with heights, so was quite chuffed to have achieved the top!


  1. That vast flat green plain to the horizon is amazing! You being a mountain goat is pretty good too!!!

  2. It goes on forever, Naomi - just beautiful! There's another view here:-