Sunday, 30 March 2014

Party preparations ...

I'd packed a "Happy Birthday" banner in preparation for Vaughan's birthday but hadn't intended anything more than our usual family celebrations (which are always special).

At some stage Vaughan decided a party was necessary - and now the whole school is coming!

Given Vaughan's last and only party (his 5th) was a big event, we felt some concerted effort was necessary - so Erin and I have been busy crafting this past week or more.

Erin decided upon a beetle piƱata and a loose bug/critter theme has grown from there, using materials on hand - and some items generously lent for the cause. Nick set up tables, gazebos and some other bits today - and things are looking good for tomorrow afternoon, though I still need to hang the "Happy Birthday" banner (and decorate the cake)!

Monsieur B Bug was completed this afternoon. We've all contributed in some way to his making, though Erin has done most of the work. He is now stuffed full of goodies (which was an achievement given limited resources) and hopefully he'll hang together long enough for the kids to smash him to pieces tomorrow!

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