Friday, 14 March 2014

Shack-shed ...

There are two shacks on Louie's section. The older one, at right, is no longer used as housing - except for spiders!

We had a look inside today, to see how it had been made.  I'm not sure if it once had some kind of floor covering but it doesn't now! 

The shack my family owned when I was a kid did have carpet.  When you pulled it up though, it had been laid directly upon the red dirt!  Of course, my brother and I thought that was marvellous!  Louie's shack-shed reminds me of the way houses were in those days.  The much newer shack we are using is far more luxurious!

I thought some windows from the old shack may have been salvaged for use in the new one, given the pieces of wire mesh tacked over open spaces.

Our neighbour, Fred, used to own this property.  Nick regularly visits him and they chat at length, so I might ask Nick to find out when the older shack was replaced - and whether some of the windows were used.  (Although Fred and another man built the newer shack, Louie has made many improvements during his ownership).

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